Our Story

Nicole and Ange - two busy mums, started Holly and Humphrey as a side hustle.
Yes we know, it’s a cliche - but it’s also our passion. We have kids; we love
nice things; we need to shop for value and we appreciate quality: the loveliness
of an unexpected detail and clothes that are beautiful and made to last.

Everything at Holly and Humphrey is made right here, in Melbourne,
by our wonderful local team of pattern makers, seamstresses and knitters
with multi-generational skills. Our goal is to bring an element of fun,
friendship and whimsy to creating special things that people
want to wear, keep, love or share.

Made to love and last

Everything by Holly and Humphery is made locally and ethically, using the finest natural fabrics and 100% Australian Merino. We make limited quantites to avoid waste and always look for better ways through our processes to be sustainable and kind to our planet.